V Covid 19 Precautions

Covid 19 Precautions

You mean a lot to us and to put your mind at ease, we’d like to inform you that we’re taking precautionary measures to ensure your safety.

We understand that you trust us to deliver the groceries you need, and we are trying our best to ensure that your daily needs are at your doorstep every day.

All our staff – whether it’s delivery partners or warehouse employees, follow mandatory hygiene routines that have been implemented before and during deliveries.

Since our delivery promotes contact-less delivery, our delivery partners keep your groceries outside the door as always, you never have to interact with them.

Our warehouses have multiple checkpoints for sanitation. Here, the warehouse supervisor ensures that our pickers and sorters sanitise their hands before packing products.

Each warehouse also has thermal scanners to monitor the employee’s body temperature. If someone is unwell, we encourage them to not come in and get them medical care immediately.

We have a mutual understanding with all our vendors and partners to ensure that their teams are sanitised for good hygiene practices and work towards maintaining them.

While your convenience continues to be priority for us, your safety is just as important.

Stay safe and stay happy!